The Standard V8 Coffee Table from Grimm Industries is a favourite among automotive enthusiasts. Founded by Andrew Grima is 2015, this creative company designs and produces these handcrafted products from auto engines that are sourced from race, drag, burnout and drift cars. Andrew made the very first V8 Coffee Table for the lounge room in his home, and it soon became a conversation piece among everyone who saw it. Friends began ordering custom-designed V8 tables of their own enjoyment and use, and Grimm Industries was off to a great start. Andrew realised the opportunity of creating a successful niche business, and soon after, he had clients throughout Australia. Today, this profitable business operates from a spacious workshop and showroom in Victoria’s western suburbs.

Popular Standard V8 Coffee Table Designs for Automotive Enthusiasts

Grimm Industries offers the Standard V8 Coffee Table in unique designs that will brighten and enliven the living room, den, lounge area or entertainment room in your household today. Your partner, family, friends and co-workers or business associates will all be intrigued with these specialised table designs, which offer the following features:

• Customised Designs. – Your V8 table will be a one-of-a-kind, customised design, created according to your specific preferences, desires and needs. With a V8 engine as the basis and focal point of your table design, the possible stylistic variations are boundless. Your newly created, dynamic and uniquely crafted table and show-piece will soon be ready for display in your home to capture the attention and enthusiasm of all your auto-oriented friends and associates.

Custom Glass Image Print.– The handsome glass of your V8 coffee tabletop can display a customised glass image print of your choice. This will personalise and enhance the attractive appearance of your unique and stylish auto-themed table. Make your appealing room decor even more meaningful with your own custom-designed V8 Coffee Table displaying your favourite image or your logo.

LED Lighting. – By including appealing modern LED lighting in your table design, you can enjoy basking in the customised ambiance of your relaxing home interior decor greatly brightened and enhanced by your new and intriguing, customised V8 Coffee Table handcrafted for you by Grimm Industries.

Your fascinating table design will exhibit skull pistons positioned to hold the glass tabletop, and the glass used is 12 mm. reinforced safety glass. Special feet are also included to support your table and facilitate easy sliding of your table across floors without any damage to flooring surfaces.

By contacting our experts at Grimm Industries located in Sunshine, Melbourne, Victoria, you can order a handsome Standard V8 Coffee Table to energise and enliven the interior decor of your living room, den, entertainment room or lounge in your home. Your handcrafted table can be customised according to your specific preferences and needs, and you can be assured that it will truly be a one-of-a-kind design that will captivate and intrigue everyone who enters your home.