Outfitting your house to broadcast your personality and interests can be challenging since there are so many home furnishings available today. The problem intensifies when your goal is to create something so unique that stock options fall way short in accomplishing it. Add to this that you are an automotive enthusiast, and you may feel that there is no way to incorporate your love of cars into your living room, family room or den. Let’s explore an option for the ultimate TV stand to show you that there is a knock-out addition to your house to answer your dilemma.

Imagine a TV Stand Made with Two V8 Engines

Close your eyes and picture a television stand that has a base of two V8 engines along with stainless steel exhaust heads, headers and intake manifolds. Now, decide whether this is out of the norm enough for your purpose. Keep reading to finish the table in your mind and to discover additional facts.

The Stand Also Contains Durable Glass

Along with the two V8 engines, imagine this stand having a glass top placed securely on the engines. Oh, if you fear that the glass will be easy to break and dangerous to use in this manner, fret no longer since it is a piece of 12-mm thick, toughened, safety glass cut to your specifications. It will stand up durably to normal use.

You can Print a Custom Image or Logo on the Glass

Another feature to add to this unique TV stand is your own custom logo or image printed right on the glass top. You can come up with whatever you want for this feature. The possibilities truly are unlimited for this.

Each Stand is One of a Kind

Regardless of the homes that you visit, you will never see any television stand quite like yours when you opt to bring this design to fruition. You may be wondering if there is a company in business today that can supply such an out-of-the-box stand for a TV. We will explain in the next section how you can order this stand for your home.

Our Company Makes This Ultimate TV Stand

To purchase this ultimate, even bad-ass, television stand, contact our company, Grimm Industries. Over the last four years, we have expanded our workshop from a small shed into our spacious location here in western Victoria, Australia. We have both our workshop and showroom under one roof. Our company creates not only these television stands but also other home furnishings based on an automotive theme.