Searching for the right lamp for your home is exhausting when you want something out of the norm instead of the ready-made options on the market. There are all types of styles in them, including modern, traditional, contemporary and formal. The only problem is that none seem to suit your preferences as much as you want them to for your house. After all, the lamp you seek must broadcast your personality as well as shed adequate illumination on the room. Since you are an automotive enthusiast, maybe the ultra-unique Short Single Cam Lamp from our company of Grimm Industries that is made out of car parts will be just what you are looking for to light up your home. Refer to the following to learn why this lamp is so unusual.

The Car Components That We Include in the Short Single Cam Lamp

Our Company creatively combines a camshaft with a bottle jack, brake assembly and certain small engine parts to make the base, body and neck of the Short Single Cam Lamp. Each one is a piece of sculpture rather than just a simple lamp.

Wiring and a Socket Are Added to the Car Parts to Make the Lamp Fully Functional

As we assemble the other parts of the lamp, we also add wiring at the appropriate time to feed electricity to the socket that we add later. All wiring is up to the current safety standards to ensure that your lamp will work dependably without problems.

You Choose the Colours That Enhance This Lamp

During the design consultation with us, you will select the colours for us to apply on your lamp to ensure that it complements the rest of your house décor in a non-clashing way. Our staff members work with you closely on this.

We Add Protection to the Base to Prevent Damage to Your Floor or Furniture

To finish off the lamp, we add a layer of rubber to the bottom of the base. This guarantees that our Short Single Cam Lamp will not scratch your floor or furniture.

All Your Guests Will Be in Awe

Our Short Single Cam Lamp is a definite conversation starter at parties. Your guests will be awe-struck over its creativeness.

Celebrate being a rev head and meet with us today to order your unique, one-of-a-kind Short Single Cam Lamp. After meeting with you, we will issue you a quote. One price does not fit all since we build each lamp according to our customers’ personal specifications and preferences.