Décor is a representation of the homeowner’s preferences and interests. While some people have an easy time finding all the right pieces to enhance their houses, others find it more difficult. If you are into cars or trucks in a big way, you are probably among the latter group. After all, there are not too many places that cater to automotive enthusiasts for home furnishings or decorations. Luckily, you found the right website if you are reading this since our company, Grimm Industries, offers such unique creations as our hand-carved Skull Pistons that can be both functional and artistic in nature.

Our Company Uses Real Automotive Pistons

We hand carve real vehicle pistons skilfully to create unique skulls. The eyes are hollow and spooky while the mouth has a jagged edge to simulate teeth. It is a time-consuming process that reaps a special look that appeals to any rev head or automotive enthusiast. They broadcast this love of cars or trucks loudly and proudly to all who admire them.

Our Hand-Carved Skull Pistons Are an Ideal Enhancement for Our V8 Coffee Tables

Upon request, we will add our skull pistons to the V8 coffee tables that we also craft by hand. We place them between the V8 engine and the glass as decorative supports. They provide an extra swagger to these one-of-a-kind tables.

Use One of Our Skull Pistons as a Business Card Holder

Another place that our skull pistons are ideal is on your desk at work to hold your business cards. This is especially true if you own or manage some type of automotive shop or facility. Your clients and customers will admire your taste in artwork every time they take one of your cards.

Hand-Carved Skull Pistons Make Unique Phone-Charging Stands

Smartphones are such a part of your life today that you must supply a charging station for them at home or at work. We can add a shelf to our skull pistons to transform them into the perfect charging stand.

Use Our Hand-Carved Skull Pistons as Conversation Starters

Of course, you can just add our handcrafted skull pistons to your home and office for conversation starters or as artwork. They do not need any other purpose since they are so unique.

Feel free to browse through our website to view pictures of our hand-carved skull pistons. Our company shows a number of variations. Consult with us for an accurate quote of your desires from our site. We will issue you one after we understand exactly what you want us to create for you.