Today, smartphones are an integral part of everyday life. Since your smartphone needs to be fully charged and ready for use at all times, you may be like other people who have a specific spot as a charging area at your home and, if relevant, your company. You also might be in search of the right phone dock that will broadcast your personality and fit in with your other furnishings in a complementary, personalised way. For example, you may be a car or truck enthusiast who is in search of a dock that is appropriately themed. If this is the case, turn to our company of Grimm Industries due to the fact that we custom-make piston skull phone docks from real vehicle pistons.

How We Make Our Piston Skull Phone Docks

We start with genuine pistons and skilfully carve each one into a unique skull base for a phone dock. To ensure that each dock holds the smartphone securely we add a holder that will fit any make or model of smartphone that is on the market today. After we create a dock, we polish it to an attractive finish.

Our Company Will Customise Your Dock to Suit Your Preferences and Specifications

Even though, we do offer some stock options with these phone docks, we will customise yours upon request. We allow you as much input as possible to ensure that the finished product is to your liking. As a result, our custom creations are one-of-a-kind pieces of artwork instead of mere phone docks.

Be the Envy of Your Friends

Our handcrafted piston phone docks are so different from anything else being sold at present that your friends will be in awe of your dock and clamor to know how they can purchase their own. You can proudly pass on the name of our business due to the excellence of our workmanship.

Treat Your Adventurous Side with Our Innovative, Quality Creations

Once you see our custom-made skull piston phone docks, you will want to let your adventurous spirit show through by ordering one for your home or business. You will stand out from the ones who are afraid to venture into unusual territory.

For further facts about our custom, handcrafted piston skull phone dock for all types of smartphones, contact us at your earliest convenience. We will answer all your questions, listen to your ideas and issue you a quote upon request for your own special dock for your smartphone. Along with our docks being highly unusual, they also last for a long time due to our fine workmanship and materials.