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Grimm Industries

Home Of V8 Coffee Table
The pioneers of automotive furniture, we have been bringing your passion into your home, business and mancave since 2015.
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Individually Hand Crafted
Each individual piece is hand crafted and has its own markings of wear, each carrying a story from its previous life.
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Coffee Tables

This coffee table was the very first piece of furniture to
be created by Grimm Industries.

Hand Crafted

Each coffee table that leaves our factory is made by hand. Creator Andrew Grimm developed these tables after a lifelong passion

from real engines

carrying with it a history and personality that is unique and some individually marked indicating a hard life in its previous inception.

Our Most Popular Products

The standard v8 coffee table

Our flagship product. Our story began with this humble invention which was Andrew (founder’s) way of bringing his passion of v8 motorsport into the living room. After prototyping a few designs, we have today’s designs;
– The Standard v8 Coffee Table
– Beast Mode Coffee table
Both of which have been extremely popular and you can see why when you check out some of our gallery which showcases actual pieces that our customers have purchased and proudly displayed. READ MORE…

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The Beast Mode V8 Coffee Table​

Like it’s little brother, this too is made from a real life engine. Once upon a time this may have lived a hard life on the track or maybe in the engine bay of a weekend car that was always garaged and serviced on time. Each has its unique markings and characteristics With extractors already bolted on, this coffee table will be the talking point of your guests and the envy of your friends. Like the Standard Coffee Table READ MORE…

Forever Rose

Each forever rose is meticulously crafted and hand forged one at a time. Each piece is unique so you can rest assured that you’re not buying something that everybody else has. The rose comes with a base plate which has your personalised message engraved in it. Please allow 2-4 weeks for us to create this rose and kindly include your short message when ordering – please put this message in the Notes / Instructions section when completing your purchase. READ MORE…

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