When you purchase a unique, individually handcrafted Standard Automotive Themed V8 Coffee Table from Grimm Industries, you will enjoy the special, one-of-a-kind style and dynamic, auto-chic fashion and flair of this piece to brighten and enliven your home decor. Whether you place your new auto-themed table in your open-concept living space, casual den, entertainment area or man-cave, it will add a dramatic, rugged yet highly professional, skilfully crafted ambiance and allure to the overall character of your room interior. This unusual coffee table design was the initial furniture piece created by Grimm Industries, founded by Andrew Grima in 2015.

Andrew first designed and handcrafted this unique V8 table for use in his home’s lounge room. When this artfully crafted, auto-themed table became a constant conversation piece among his friends and acquaintances, Andrew soon started getting orders for this table design. Realising the potential for this uniquely crafted table growing into a productive and successful niche industry, he began handcrafting V8 coffee tables for customers across Australia in his home garage as the first Grimm Industries products.

Today, this highly successful company operates from a spacious workshop and showroom located in Victoria’s western suburbs, creating a wide selection of automotive-themed furniture ranging from unusual lamp designs to unique television units along with Andrew’s original V8 coffee table design.

Unique Features and Qualities of Automotive Themed V8 Coffee Tables from Grimm Industries

The distinctive features and qualities of every auto-themed V8 Coffee Table produced by Grimm Industries include the following characteristics and components:

Unique Designs. – Every V8 Coffee Table is a unique design. When you order a custom-made V8 Table, it can be colour-coded to your specifications. Table styling can vary, but every table offers a strong, powerful look with an expert professional finish. Each V8 engine that is used for producing a coffee table was sourced from a race, burnout, drift or drag car. Although there may be slight damage to some blocks, this will enhance the appearance of the finished table, giving it a more rugged, authentic style. Each table sits on specially designed feet that enable it to glide across hard flooring surfaces without causing any damage.

Custom Glass Print. – A customised glass print of any image or logo of your choice can be included in your table design. The tabletop glass is 12 mm. toughened safety glass, which helps to prevent any cracking, chipping or abrasions.

LED Lighting. – Use of LED lighting clarifies and enhances the lines of your V8 table design and its custom colours while providing pleasing lighting for your room interior.

Skull Pistons. – Dynamic skull pistons hold the table glass in place while celebrating the rugged, powerful auto-theme of your V8 Coffee Table.

By contacting the expert designers and hand-crafters of Grimm Industries located in Sunshine, Melbourne, Victoria, you can order a unique, customised Automotive Themed V8 Coffee Table to brighten and enhance your home decor. Our experienced craftsmen will produce a one-of-a-kind V8 table according to your specific preferences and needs that will be an item of furniture like no other for your enjoyment, use and display. It is sure to become an ongoing conversation piece for one and all who see it.

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