Purchase a Custom, Handcrafted Piston Skull Phone Dock for All Kinds of Smartphones Only From Grimm Industries

19 August 2019

Today, smartphones are an integral part of everyday life. Since your smartphone needs to be fully charged and ready for use at all times, you may be like other people who have a specific spot as a charging area at your home and, if relevant, your company. You also might be in search of the […]

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Creative and Unique Furniture Made Out of Engine Components: Contact Grimm Industries

06 August 2019

If you are looking for a unique way to dress up your home, you might want to consider getting some one-of-a-kind furniture. At Grimm Industries, you can find your way to unique furniture that has been built around old engine components. These custom-made products are perfect for the homeowner that wants to add some spice […]

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Handcrafted Skull Pistons: Converting Used Pistons Into a Functional and an Artistic Craft

19 July 2019

Décor is a representation of the homeowner’s preferences and interests. While some people have an easy time finding all the right pieces to enhance their houses, others find it more difficult. If you are into cars or trucks in a big way, you are probably among the latter group. After all, there are not too […]

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Short Single Cam Lamp: What Makes It a Unique Piece of Home Decor?

03 July 2019

Searching for the right lamp for your home is exhausting when you want something out of the norm instead of the ready-made options on the market. There are all types of styles in them, including modern, traditional, contemporary and formal. The only problem is that none seem to suit your preferences as much as you […]

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The Ultimate TV Stand for Automotive Enthusiasts: A Knock-Out Addition to Your Home

25 June 2019

Outfitting your house to broadcast your personality and interests can be challenging since there are so many home furnishings available today. The problem intensifies when your goal is to create something so unique that stock options fall way short in accomplishing it. Add to this that you are an automotive enthusiast, and you may feel […]

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Standard V8 Coffee Tables for Automotive Enthusiasts: Available at Grimm Industries

03 June 2019

The Standard V8 Coffee Table from Grimm Industries is a favourite among automotive enthusiasts. Founded by Andrew Grima is 2015, this creative company designs and produces these handcrafted products from auto engines that are sourced from race, drag, burnout and drift cars. Andrew made the very first V8 Coffee Table for the lounge room in […]

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Automotive Themed V8 Coffee Tables: Furniture Like No Other

16 May 2019

When you purchase a unique, individually handcrafted Standard Automotive Themed V8 Coffee Table from Grimm Industries, you will enjoy the special, one-of-a-kind style and dynamic, auto-chic fashion and flair of this piece to brighten and enliven your home decor. Whether you place your new auto-themed table in your open-concept living space, casual den, entertainment area […]

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Hand-crafted Automotive-Themed Products: Designs that Add Character to Your Home

06 May 2019

If you happen to be in the market for all things automotive-themed today, do yourself a great favour and take a look at the unique home products created by Grimm Industries. This unique and creative company was founded by Andrew Grima in 2015 and has grown into a popular, thriving enterprise. Andrew’s first handcrafted piece […]

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