Coffee Tables

The Standard V8 Coffee Table

This coffee table was the very first piece of furniture to be created by Grimm Industries, all of these style of tables are all custom made to order items, they can be color coded to your liking. All tables are individually handcrafted but still retain a sturdy and very professional finished product, because we source all the engines from race, burnout, drift and drag cars some blocks may have damage to them but this only adds character to the coffee table! They can have the following additions to make them extra unique:Custom glass print of any image or logo Led lighting Skull pistons that hold the glass The glass that is used is 12mm toughened safety glass. Special feet are used that the tables sit on, which allows the tables to slide on hard surfaces without causing damage.

Examples Of Our Coffee Tables


This piece was named the Beast Mode for a reason and thats because this table is an absolute beast! If you want to make a statement, this is definitely the coffee table for you! A great addition to your mancave, lounge room or even your place of business.Like our Standard V8 coffee table this one can also be color coded to suit your requirements. Additional options that can be added: – Led lighting – custom glass print Do you have the balls to own the Beast?


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