If you happen to be in the market for all things automotive-themed today, do yourself a great favour and take a look at the unique home products created by Grimm Industries. This unique and creative company was founded by Andrew Grima in 2015 and has grown into a popular, thriving enterprise. Andrew’s first handcrafted piece was a custom V8 coffee table designed for use in his lounge room.

This clever design soon became a huge conversation piece, resulting in multiple orders from friends for this same unusual auto-themed table. Seeing the opportunity to start an attractive niche business, Andrew started making handcrafted V8 coffee tables in his garage. Before long, he had clients from across Australia, and today, Grimm Industries operates from a large workshop and showroom in Victoria’s western suburbs.

Hand-crafted Auto-Themed Items for Unique Home Style and Character

The uniquely designed and handcrafted items produced by Grimm Industries include various V8 coffee tables, side tables, lamps, twin V8 TV units, and customised creations. Some of the most popular handcrafted items created include the following:

Standard V8 Coffee Tables. – These creative designs can be customised to order and produced according to your color and finish preferences. Every engine used in making these unique tables is from a race, burnout, drift or drag car. For this reason, some blocks can show slight signs of damage, but this will only add more exciting character and real-life style to your coffee table design.

Your one-of-a-kind table will be a strong, durable, and expertly finished, professional product with dynamic fashion and powerful flair, fit for the best of man-caves, dens or home entertainment rooms. Special design effects for your table can include a custom glass image or logo print, LED lighting or skull pistons to hold the sturdy, 12 mm. toughened safety glass. Your table will include unique feet that enable the table to slide easily across hard floors without causing any damage.

Cam Lamps. – These imaginative designs from Grimm Industries are truly unique. Each Short Single Cam Lamp is fashioned from a cam shaft, brake assembly and bottle jack, plus some smaller engine parts. These lamps can be produced in the colours of your choice, and each lamp has an under-layer of rubber beneath the base for total protection of your tabletops or flooring.

Another popular item is the Tall Twin Cam Lamp from Grimm. These original lamp designs are made from two cam shafts, brake assemblies, bottle jacks and con rods and can be colour coded according to your preferences for enhancing your room decor. These lamps are also constructed to include a layer of rubber beneath the base for the protection of your furniture or floors.

TV Units. – Each of these highly original designs is crafted from two V8 engines, including stainless steel exhaust headers, heads and intake manifolds. Shelving is formed from pistons and cam shafts, and customs glass is cut and drilled to size using 12 mm. toughened safety glass. The glass can include a printed logo or image, if desired. With this item, you can create a truly awesome, unique, innovative or outlandish fashion statement, if you like. It’s all up to your personal taste and the creative craftsmanship of Grimm Industry pros.

Contact the experts at Grimm Industries located in Sunshine, Melbourne, Victoria for the most creative and unique hand-crafted automotive-themed items of home decor available across Australia and beyond today. Our highly skilled and imaginative team will enable you to furnish the rooms of your home with custom products that celebrate your favourite auto-inspired themes for your total enjoyment while relaxing with all your auto-enthusiast friends.

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