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The standard v8 coffee table

Our flagship product. Our story began with this humble invention which was Andrew (founder’s) way of bringing his passion of v8 motorsport into the living room. After prototyping a few designs, we have today’s designs;
– The Standard v8 Coffee Table
– Beast Mode Coffee table

Both of which have been extremely popular and you can see why when you check out some of our gallery which showcases actual pieces that our customers have purchased and proudly displayed.

Each V8 engine is sourced from a real car. In its previous life it may have been a street racer, a drag car, a burnout car, someone’s project or maybe it lived a hard life on one of the many race tracks around he country. Each has its unique markings and slight colour difference which are treasured characteristics, proudly shown off from its previous life.

These can be made to your specifications with parts and customised to your needs. Whether it is for your lounge, man cave or workplace and make an excellent, unique, personalised gift for loved ones.
Customised furniture is what we specalise in, why not have yours mean something extra special, whether you’re going to gift it to someone or have it sitting as a centrepiece of your mancave, it deserves a special touch of you. Some customisation clients have requested in the past;
– Business Logo decal on glass
– Custom plaque engraving
– Using parts from client’s actual engine
– LED Lights

These tables are welded together and finished with 12mm toughened glass. Sitting on specially designed padded feet so they don’t mark or damage your floors. As each piece is individually made to order, lead times may vary depending on our workload. If this is required please get in contact with us first to see if this is achievable.

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