Coffee Tables

This coffee table was the very first piece of furniture to
be created by Grimm Industries.

Coffee Tables

This coffee table was the very first piece of furniture to
be created by Grimm Industries.

Coffee Tables

This coffee table was the very first piece of furniture to
be created by Grimm Industries.

Product Range

This coffee table was the very first piece of furniture to be created by Grimm Industries, all of these style of tables are all custom made to order items, they can be color-coded to your liking.


We have a huge range of Grimm
Industries merchandise for sale also,
which include the following:

Automotive Themed Furniture That Reflects Your Passion

If you are looking for automotive themed furniture than look no further than Grimm Industries. Most of us have a passion for motor sports and love the exhilarating speed of fast cars. You will find that our furniture is built around old engine components. This makes our car parts furniture one-of-a-kind and something that the family and office would appreciate. The car parts furniture helps bring you in the zone. If you are a motor sports enthusiast then these automotive inspired furniture are sure to keep your adrenaline pumping and wanting for more.

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It is the passion of the game that makes this car furniture in Australia all the more memorable. Whether coffee tables, office furniture or even lights, we have one-of-a-kind car furniture in Australia! We have what it takes to build great automotive themed furniture that is sure to strike a chord. If its automotive themed furniture that you like then Grimm Industries is sure to suit your needs. Whether its TV stands, a single cam light or even those uber cool V8 coffee tables, we have everything in store for you. Even if you just have an inkling to watch motor sports, you should still know about this car furniture in Australia. Just picture having a jaw-dropping V8 engine coffee table in your living room. Priceless!

Founded in 2015 by Andrew Grima, these engines are sourced from the pit lanes and drag races from all across Australia. This profitable venture operates out of Victoria’s suburbs and have created car furniture in Australia that would be a topic of discussion every single time. The best part of the automotive themed furniture is that its always a story to tell. Whether it’s one of many burnouts or used in drift cars, these automotive themed furniture and man cave furniture all have something special to appreciate and talk about. As an automobile enthusiast, you should know that Grimm Industries uses the Short Single Cam Lamp to light up your home. Wouldn’t it be really amazing to see your home lit up by LEDs? Well, for one, you would be the talk of the town and everyone would love to come and visit your home just for a glimpse of these custom-made lights.

Why look anywhere else? Grimm Industries has great taste in furniture and you are sure that anything that you buy from them will have heads turning and everyone wanting to know what got you to buy into these amazing car parts furniture marvels. If you’re considering twinning your passion for motor sports with furniture. Look at owning a show stopper and know that you’ve come out a winner with Grimm Industries.

Get the best in Automotive themed furniture which is custom-made car furniture in Australia which is within reach. We are certain that you will simply fall in love with our furniture and take home one of these amazing pieces. Reach out to us at 0474517047 and we will be happy to assist you.

About Us

Grimm Industries was founded by Andrew Grima in 2015. The business was basically formed when Andrew decided to handcraft a custom V8 coffee table for his own lounge room. Because the table he made became a very unique talking piece in his home, others also wanted one built by him.

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Our Testimonials


We have a v8 coffee table in our theater “man cave” and a floor lamp. Both items are great and the workmanship is spot on. Andrew is very easy and friendly to communicate with and listens to your wants.Thanks again Andrew for the items…

I have now purchased three V8 Coffee tables for gifts and I have nothing but positive things to say. Not only do they look absolutely amazing but they are a statement piece in the home. Andrew is easy to communicate with and always goes above and beyond for his customers…

I was given a V8 coffee table as a gift that I absolutely love which sits in my lounge room. We have also purchased a V8 coffee table for my dad as a gift for he’s 60th. The craftsmanship in he’s work is 100%…

Grimm Industries always goes above and beyond to provide exactly what was asked, Also lucky enough to have them help out with some charity work. Highly recommended…

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