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Free Lifetime Glass Replacement Warranty on V8 Coffee Tables

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Custom Handcrafted Automotive Themed Furniture & Decor

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Our flagship product. Our story began with this humble invention which was Andrew (founder’s) way of bringing his passion of v8 motorsport into the living room. After prototyping a few designs, we have today’s designs;

  • The Standard v8 Coffee Table
  • Beast Mode Coffee table

Both of which have been extremely popular and you can see why when you check out some of our gallery which showcases actual pieces that our customers have purchased and proudly displayed.

high-quality automotive inspired furniture

Grimm Industries specialises in the design and creation of high-quality automotive inspired furniture, art and décor such as his world famous V8 engine coffee tables. Andrew’s commitment to sustainability and his belief in the importance of protecting the environment has been a driving force behind the success of the company. 

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The pioneers of automotive furniture, we have been bringing your passion into your home, business and mancave since 2015.




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