Choosing a side table for your lounge room appears to be a simple enough task when you first consider it. You stroll into a store you like, pick a piece that catches your eye and return home with it or have it delivered. However, did you stop to think if it reflects your personality? Will the table amaze your guests and make head turn? If not then you need to consider a crank side table for your lounge room.

A crank side table, as the name suggests is made from pieces of a crank shaft expertly welded together to give it the desired length and width. Offering an elegant mechanical look, the crank side table showcases your love for cars and is the perfect way of amalgamating style and function in the room.

There’s nothing more uncomfortable than a side table that is too high or excessively low. To guarantee you feel great in your living space, crank side table can be customized to attain a similar stature as your couch or stool. To achieve the right proportion of height and width, the glass top of the crank side table can be cut according to your specifications.

The base of the crank side table is heavy and centred to give it extra stability and rubber pads are attached so that it can rest on any surface without the risk of damaging the floor when moved about. If you want to own a one of a kind crank side table, get in touch with us today and we will be happy to oblige.