Short single cam shaft lamp designed and created by Grimm Industries makes an extraordinary piece of fixture for your home or office. Built from a cam shaft, brake assembly, bottle jack and some little motor parts, it’s a must have for all car enthusiasts. Our short single cam shaft lamp can be modified and coloured to suit your style or your preferences and we can customize all our products to your particular taste.

All short single cam shaft lamp have a soft rubber cushion under the base to protect any flooring or deck, so there is no reason to stress where you place these. At Grimm Industries, we offer you the best and most exceptional automotive themed furniture built in our own workshop. Designed and built by the most creative craftsmen, you will have the option to find the right centre piece for your man cave. Regardless of whether you’re after a V8 coffee table, a twin V8 office desk, short single cam shaft lamp, bar table or more, we can build a beasty piece of splendour just for you. Go for functional, crazy or something in between – it’s up to you!

Picking the right light for your lounge is significant as it can possibly set the general mind-set of a room. Would something brilliant and lively work best or maybe something rustic and vintage? Whatever be the look, just get in touch with our short single cam shaft lamp specialists and we will get it right.